Finding Inspiration

What inspires you?

How do you keep motivated?

I’m pretty easily distracted by anything sparkly, pretty, interesting, loud…ummm, shoes, wait – what?

I wanted to fix my workspace to motivate me to be more creative but also more organised, in my daily life, as well as my blogging.

Anyone who stops by my Facebook or Pinterest pages will notice I have a fondness for lovely inspirational quotes, but they don’t really do much there do they? We click like, maybe a share, then we forget all about it till the next time someone we know posts another quote.

I often scribble a few of my favourites on the inside cover of my diary, but I wanted something more visible and something I can change around when I get bored, so this week I did this: 


A few photos, some washi tape and some Project Life cards to “pretty up” the little corner where I try to get the most work done.

I had a *quick* look through my Pinterest boards for the quotes that seemed the most appropriate to me right now, and wrote them on some pretty cards, and I can change the cards over to new ones whenever I get sick of them.  

This is what I came up with:






And this gorgeous frame I picked up from Ishka (for only $10, bargain!) was just begging for a spot on my desk, so I wrote our family “rules” and our all our initials on a piece of coloured paper. Simple, but I think it’s really cute.


All in all, half an hour spent tidying and decorating, has transformed my corner of the desk, from a sea of junk that did nothing to inspire me, to a place that I actually enjoy sitting down every morning with my cup of tea, checking my diary and emails. 

What tips and tricks do you use to keep motivated?



Listmania 10: A to Z of Now

Yup, it’s that time of the week again, linking up for #listmania10

This weeks topic was to write an A to Z of Now, so here goes:

A is for Anniversary. Hubby and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

B is for my Babies. I have a gorgeous 2yo girl and an 11week old bubby boy. 

C is for Cleaning and Cooking, all the boring stuff that there’s just never enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Nandie's 12th Birthday

Nandie’s 12th Birthday

D is for Dog. Thinking about getting another dog. We have a very spoiled 12yo Hungarian Viszla, who seems a bit lonely since our other dog, Phoebe, died. I’d like to get another dog but I don’t know if I’m ready to put myself through all that again, especially right now with a small baby. Maybe I’ll wait till next year? 

E is for Equality. Something that’s in the news all the time and makes me so mad that we live in such an ‘advanced’ society yet we can still treat people differently due to their sex, religion, skin colour or sexual preference. 

F is for F…., a word that I say far too often. I’m going to have to find an alternative before my little Miss starts repeating it!

G is for Garden. I’m not very good at gardening, plants don’t seem to survive all that long around me, but I’m learning and I find it very soothing to get outside and get my hands dirty.

H is for House/Home. Such a huge focus of our lives right now. It will be a huge relief to get finished just to be able to stop stressing about it.

I is for Indigenous Rights. Another thing in the news that makes me mad. Something that should be common sense but when politics gets involved it becomes something else. Just change the bloody constitution already!

J is for Jammin’, by Bob Marley and the Wailers. The song that’s on my Ipod right now.

Miss Snugglebug with Daddy, in a jumper I knitted her.

Miss Snugglebug with Daddy, in a jumper I knitted her.

K is for Knitting. Something I don’t have time to do anymore. A pity, because it really relaxes me.

L is for Love. “All you need is love…”

M is for Music. I love my music. I really start to go a bit crazy if I go a few days without listening to any.

N is for Night. There’s always so many things I plan to do at night, after the kids are asleep, but by the time that finally happens, I’m usually ready for bed too. 

O is for Outside. Little Miss always wants to go play outside, sometimes I need to just go outside and do what she wants to do, everything else can wait.

P is for Patience. Something I don’t have nearly enough of most days. But I’m trying.

Q is for Quiet. Another thing I don’t have nearly enough of. On the rare occasions that the little ones are both asleep at the same time, I try to grab a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet.

R is for Routines. Something I’m not very good at,especially sticking to a bedtime routine, but it does seem to be good for the kiddies, so I’m trying.

S is for Stress. I stress over everything, the weather, the kids, the house, everything. I need to learn how to just take a deep breath and let go.

T is for Television. I never used to watch hardly any t.v. but lately it seems like it’s always on. (Especially ABC2, the best friend of a toddler’s parents!)

U is for Underwear. There is nothing pretty about maternity/nursing bras. And I refuse to go spend a small fortune on one just because it’s got a bit of lace on it. I can’t wait to go back to regular, pretty bras.

V is for Very Cute. I can always count on my little ones to do something cute to make me smile.

W is for Windows. The rest of the windows for the house should be getting delivered today.

X is for eXercise. Right now, for me, it’s a choice between exercise and sleep. I choose sleep.

Y is for Yes. I feel like I say no to Miss Snugglebug about a million times a day, so I’m trying to find more things I can say yes to.

Z is for zzzz’s. With two little ones, there is a serious lack of sleep around here at the moment.

Ok, that’s it for today. We’ve got a big week coming up this week, going on a 7hr round trip tomorrow to pick up a slab of redgum that’s going to become our kitchen bench, then it’s Easter, and there’s a couple of birthdays coming up too. Hoping to get another blog post up by the end of the week, but I’m not sure if I’ll get time.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo


Tomorrow will be exactly one year since I lost my fluffy best friend. It still hurts.

So much has changed in the last 12 months and I really wish she was still around to see it.

Let me tell you about my Phoebe, she’s the dog I was never going to get.

We had talked about getting a puppy, done lots of research on different breeds, after much deliberation, decided on a Bernese Mountain Dog. I jumped n the computer to try and find a breeder in our state. I ended up finding an ad on for Bernese puppies but as I clicked on it, I happened to notice the next ad, For Sale: Mareema X Husky pups. I was curious, what an odd combination, I wonder what they look like? So I clicked on that ad instead and as the photo loaded, I fell in love. The picture that popped up was of five of the cutest, fluffiest things I’ve ever seen, and the fat grey one in the middle of the group instantly stole my heart. I rang the breeder and found  that the grey one was the only girl of the litter and still available. Within a couple of days we making the 3 hour drive down to Ballan to pick her up and Kane and I became the new parents of a crazy ball of fluff we decided to call Phoebe.

As a pup, she was mental. Never coming when called, running off to chase anything that moved (including the kids up the street!) and even once eating Kane’s wallet. We hoped Kane’s older dog might teach her a few good habits, but mostly she just taught her how to escape from our yard!

My Beautiful Girl

As she got bigger (and bigger, and bigger) she calmed down a bit, actually coming when I called her and being happy to walk on her lead without trying to drag me behind her. She looked just like a husky, except for her big brown Mareema eyes, and her size. She was huge, tall and lean and fast. She once ran alongside of my car when I was driving at 65kms/hr. I think she could have gone faster if she wanted too.

She was also the biggest sook and scared of practically everything. (except other animals) So many times I’d laugh because so many people were scared of this huge wolf dog when I’d take her out for a walk and would cross the street to not walk next to her, but if anyone actually came near us, she’d hide behind me or try to run away. My big chicken ❤

Playing at the beach

Some people might not understand how much I loved my Phoebe, or think “It’s only a dog, get over it” but she really was my first baby, and she really awakened the nurturing side of me and helped to teach me to be more patient. I have no doubt that my dog taught me to be a better parent. I was never sure if I really wanted to have kids or not, or how I’d cope. I remember  one night when she was just a pup and she’d gotten sick and thrown up everywhere, and as I was cleaning it up, I thought “if I can handle this  without complaining, I can change nappies, no problem!”

I never had a dog growing up and I always wished for that “Lassie” kind of faithful companion you see in movies. Before she died, I could see that kind of bond starting to form between Snugglebug and Phoebe. Even though she’d never been around babies before, Phoebe was wonderful with Snuggle and put up with endless amounts of fur and tail pulling, she’d just stand there and take it , like “ok, I’ll be your toy, you can pull my ears if you want to.” When we’d go outside, if I stepped away from Snuggle’s pram, even for a moment, she’d go and lay in front of it to guard her. It makes me sad that Snugglebug is growing up without her doggie playmate.

I keep expecting to look up and see her standing at the door, tail wagging, waiting to be let in.

I miss my fluffy girl so much. Love you Phoebe ❤

Till next time,

Beck xxx

Shed Life: Jan’11 to Jan’12

The next 12 months practically flew by.

I was busy learning to be a mum and enjoying all the ‘firsts’ that go with that (first smiles, teeth, easter, trips to the beach etc) Our doggies went and got themselves lost in the bush, one for three days, one for five days but they both made it home ok. We got snow twice, bit cold but great fun and my husky really loved it!

My snow wolf

Our owner-builder application got approved and we figured the local council couldn’t take much longer to approve  our plans. Then another run of bad luck struck.

The local council decided to be difficult and made us sign an agreement about the use of our land, which changes nothing for us, but costs us more time and money. Neither of which we had to spare.

Then one day at the end of November, our doggies were playing outside, running around as usual, when my husky came back looking a bit unwell. I googled her symptoms (panting hard, whimpering, throwing up) and couldn’t find anything, so we took her to our vet who did a blood test and told us she’d been bitten by a snake and we’d have to take her down to the Animal Emergency Hospital for intensive care. This happened on the 25th, we visited her every day and she looked like she was getting better. At 1am on the 30th I got the call I never wanted to get, the vet rang and said that her condition was deteriorating fast and we’d better get down there now. My poor fluffy girl died before we could get there to say goodbye. We were both devastated, she was only 3 years old, practically still a baby. I was an absolute mess for months afterwards. Snugglebug had just started to reach out her chubby little arms to pat her and was trying to say “Fee”. (Phoebe)

The only photo of our little family all together

It was a pretty quiet christmas and new years for us, but slowly our lives got back to some kind of normal. We got back to planning our wedding, Snugglebug had her first birthday, we got our approved permit from the council to start building.

Break out the champagne…
finally pouring the slab

Till next time,

Beck xxx

The Story Begins….

Let’s go right back to the start of this story.

Way back in 2008, I met the man of my dreams, a really sweet, kind “country boy” named Kane.
At the time I was a colourist in a busy Beaumaris hair salon, with a serious love of shoe-shopping. Within a few months I’d left my job and moved up the Yarra Valley to be with him.

It was a pretty big change being an hour away from my old job and friends and most major shops and services apart from the local Safeway and shops, having iffy mobile phone and internet coverage and being 2hours drive away from my family, but I got used to it and we were happy.

Things were going really well, we moved in together, we got engaged, I got a puppy and started a vegie patch. It was a much quieter, simpler life but I was really enjoying it.

My little fluffy Phoebe

We started talking about buying a bigger block of land, somewhere with a few acres for our dogs to run around, maybe get a horse or something. After looking around for a while, we found this property.

Up a mountain.

No water, no power, no phone.

Just 50 acres of bush with a big cleared bit in the middle and a shed.

I could see Kane getting more and more excited about the idea of being completely self-sufficient. Somehow I found myself getting caught up in his enthusiasm and agreeing that we should sell our cute little 3br weatherboard house and use the money to buy this land. Hopefully there’d be enough left in our savings to build (at least part of) a house.

On the day we bought the land.                                                The start of our big adventure….

Till next time,

Beck xxx