Currently I am… (update)

Time for #listmania 15, an update on the first list of currently I am… to see what’s changed in 3 months. So here goes:

Currently  I am:

Reading: haven’t had time to pick up a book for a while, mostly been trying to catch up on the huge backlog of blogs in my reader.

Listening to: my Dad just gave me the new Will.I.Am album and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis albums, I’m only  on my first listen of each one, but liking them so far. (yes, my dad is WAY more into current music than I am! Most of the new stuff I listen to I get because he’s discovered it first.)


Laughing At: my little Squishy. He has the cutest giggle and you just can’t help but laugh with him.

Vintage Love

Vintage Love

Swooning Over: the adorable vintage 70’s dress I picked up on our weekend away in the city. Great vintage find, so cute.

Planning: so many things, most involve getting more organised and ways to survive another winter in the shed without going stir-crazy.

Beef Rogan Josh with home made flat bread

Beef Rogan Josh with home made flat bread

Eating Lots of: homemade flatbread. I never knew how easy it is to make, I found a Jamie Oliver recipe that takes two minutes to make and you cook it in a grill pan or bbq. I’m addicted and making lots of curries and things with nice sauces so I can dip the bread into.

Feeling: A bit overwhelmed at the moment. A baby, a toddler, building a house, living in the shed. I try to stay positive but it gets a bit much sometimes.

Discovering: Spotify. I only downloaded the app a couple of days ago, so I’m just learning to use it but so far it’s pretty cool.

Looking At: Miss Snugglebug, wearing her pyjamas, with a footy beanie, ballerina skirt and fairy wings. And making the hugest mess, there’s toys everywhere but she’s having so much fun that I don’t care. (I tried to get a photo but she won’t keep still long enough!)


Wearing: My new boots that I got for my birthday. So comfy & so pretty, I know I’m going to be living in these over winter.

Cooking: Lots of curries and casseroles, the cooler weather has set in and I’m turing to my favourite comfort foods.

Wondering: how much longer till I can fit into my pre-baby jeans again. I miss my clothes!

Trying Out: Cutting down on caffeine and white sugar. I’m not ready to give either one up, but I want to see if reducing my intake affects my mood at all. (She says while drinking her 4th cup of coffee for the day….oops!)

So, what are y’all currently up to? Feel free to leave a comment or pop by the FB page.

Till next time,

Beck xoxo

p.s. I had a few issues with some of the links on last week’s #listmania: Music. I haven’t worked out how to fix them yet, but I will work it out eventually. (I’m very new to this techy stuff) Thanks to everyone that let me know 🙂



Hi all, been a bit quiet over here lately, somehow I missed last week’s #listmania, I got halfway through writing it, then blinked and somehow the week disappeared, along with the hope of me getting any blogging done. I’ll get around to finishing it one day.

The topic for #listmania14 is music. One of my most favourite things in the world.  

Hmm, where to start?

My taste in music is seriously varied, there’s just so much amazing talent out there, it’s really hard to keep up with it. I listen to everything from folk singer/songwriters, world music, rock, jazz, heavy metal – even gangsta rap! It all depends on my mood.

I’m super stoked to be seeing The Drones again next week, they’re an amazing aussie band. If I had to describe their style in one word it would be… loud. 

Lots of loud guitar and distortion, great for blowing away the cobwebs. (and maybe it helps that I have a little bit of a crush on adorably scruffy lead singer, Gareth Liddiard.) The new album I See Seaweed is one of their best and I also love Gareth’s solo album, Strange Tourist.

(The Drones -I don’t ever want to change ) < check out a clip here <

Also on high rotation at the moment in house (shed) is the new Neil Young album, Psychedelic Pill, I’m not a massive Neil fan but hubby is so this one’s been getting a lot of play since the concert last month and I’m really enjoying it.

Reggae: my feel-good music, instantly gets me in a good mood. Bob Marley, Chaka Demus & the Pliers One of my all-time faves is UB40, they’re one of my Dad’s favourites, so I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid and been lucky enough to see them live a couple of times too. 



60’s & 70’s. I was born a couple of decades too late for Woodstock, but my inner flower child loves a bit of The Doors, Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix. 

I recently ‘discovered’ Johnny Cash, after watching “Walk the Line ” (awesome movie, Joaquinn Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon, if you haven’t seen it, go rent it now!) I never realised how many of his songs I knew/liked till I saw the movie.


Upbeat stuff, something to put on and go mad doing housework or to make a boring car trip go quicker. Nothing like Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Jay-Z or Kanye West for a bit of booty shakin’ and a sing a long.            I love Gwen Stefani, on her own and as part of No Doubt. Probably as much for her fantastic style as for her music.

I really love hip hop and rap too, when I’m in the right mood: Naughty By Nature, Tupac, Notorious Big, Snoop Dogg, Salt’n’Pepa, Eminem, Neneh Cherry. 

This one brings back a lot of memories:  Salt’n’Pepa – Shoop

Also, the classics that inspired some of our favourite artists of today, legends like Muddy Waters, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.


It’s another busy one up here on the mountain this week, still trying to get some windows ready to put in, trying to get into some kind of routine with these kids before we all go crazy, and really looking forward to my birthday on thursday and a kid-free night out on friday to celebrate. A great gig to go to, dinner, and a nice hotel room in the city and maybe some shopping in the city on Saturday morning, all with my adorable hubby. Can’t wait!

Till next week, 

     Beck xoxo


Listmania 8

This weeks listmania prompt was to write a “Reverse Bucket list”, a list of things you’ve done so far. I thought this was a really awesome idea. We spend so much time thinking about the things that we still want to do, that we can often overlook the cool stuff we’ve already done.

Here’s some highlights from the last 30 years:



My Europe trip.

I hate flying, so surviving 21 hrs on a plane was a really big deal for me.

I got to go to Croatia and see where my Dad grew up and meet some of our relatives. I went to Peré Lachaise cemetery in Paris to visit Jim Morrison’s grave. I ate amazing breads and cheeses and drank local wines and beers and had a wonderful time. The only thing I would change if I could would be to have not gone with my (at-the-time) boyfriend, who was a miserable git the whole time and stopped me from trying lots of things I would like to have done.

Becoming a qualified hairdresser.

I have a pretty short attention span and tend to jump from idea to idea fairly quickly, and rarely finish things. (I have a whole cabinet devoted to unfinished craft projects to come back to one day!)

So when I started a hairdressing apprenticeship, I had major doubts about whether I’d be able to stick it out for the whole four years.

Miss Snugglebug meeting Squishy for the first time.

Miss Snugglebug meeting Squishy for the first time.

Having Babies.

Before having my daughter, I thought I was prepared to give birth, I read books, I went to the classes, I was ready… Then it happened and it was nothing like I imagined. It was the most powerful, incredible, scary, overwhelming experience I’ve ever had. And that was with the epidural. Then I held the squirmy little thing the midwife handed me and nothing else mattered anymore. The second time round, there wasn’t time for an epidural. I had to do it naturally. I am still in awe of this thing that our bodies are supposedly designed to do. But again, same as last time, when I held my son, nothing else mattered and I’d do it again a hundred times over for my beautiful babies.


I’ve always loved music, of all kinds and I was lucky enough to start going to see bands at a fairly young age. For my eleventh birthday I asked for mum to take me to the (don’t laugh) MC Hammer concert! This sparked a life-long obsession with live music.

I can’t even begin to count how many gigs I’ve been to, but these are some of my favourites: – Prince, – Metallica, – The Black Eyed Peas, – Eminem, – Madonna, (back when she was cool) – UB40, – Neil Young and Crazy Horse, (a couple of years ago, and again tonight!) – The Whitlams, (twice, so far) – Pet Shop Boys, -Snoop Dogg, – Kanye West, – The Drones, (4 or 5 times and counting) – Sime Nugent, – Nelly.

Garlic Snails

Garlic Snails


I love trying different kinds of food, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Malaysian, Nepalese, German, Indian, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese. I haven’t had Ethiopian or proper Moroccan yet, but I’m sure I will. I even have a rule when out at a restaurant, that if I see something on the menu that I’ve never tried before, I have to order it.

So far I’ve had Quail, Snails, (really yummy) Pigeon, (like tiny, tiny chicken) Sea snail and minced raw steak with a raw egg on top at a fancy japanese restaurant.

So, that’s it for my ” reverse bucket list”. What makes your list?

Till next time,
Beck xoxo