A Day In The Life Of… Me.

Ok, trying to get back on board with this blogging thing and linking up with Home Life Simplified for listmania #20, A day in the life of me.

So here is my Wednesday the 5th of June 2013.

5.49am: Squishy wakes up, nappy change, feed, back to sleep

7.15: Snuggle wakes up, insists that Daddy come play blocks with her, now. Which he kindly does so I can stay snuggled up in bed feeding and cuddling Squishy.

Coffee, I may be up but I'm not really awake till I've finished my coffee.

8am: Coffee. I may be up but I’m not really awake till I’ve finished my coffee.


9.45-10.30am: Squishy has a little nap. Snuggle does some painting.

I love seeing baby clothes all folded in the drawer. So much nicer than putting away grown-up sized washing!

I love seeing baby clothes all folded in the drawer. So much nicer than putting away grown-up sized washing!

I put some washing away and try to tidy up a bit. Go to put something away in desk drawer and it won’t close. Have to clean out desk drawer. Find some more textas for Snuggle. Squishy wakes up.

11.15am: Squishy has a roll around and chews on his toys.


11.15am: Playtime!

11.30-1.20pm: Squishy is a cranky and unsettled, wants to eat but doesn’t want to, wants to be held but doesn’t want to. *sigh* get nothing done for a couple of hours.

1.20pm: Lunch. We have toasted cheese sandwiches and sweet chilli sauce. (Snuggle is obsessed with sweet chilli sauce, she wants to put it on everything, including her toast some mornings!)

Squishy had pureed apple and a bit of a chew on a rusk.

1.20pm:  Lunch.                                                                Squishy had pureed apple and a bit of a chew on a rusk.

1.50: Take the little ones for a walk up to visit the goats. The new goats are starting to get used to us, I can hand feed three of them but Vienna is still a bit shy.

My baby girl, Mocha

My baby girl, Mocha

2.30pm: Snuggle stays outsidewith Kane for a little while so I can feed Squishy and try to put him down for a nap. It works! Yay, now I can get some stuff done! Run around like a mad woman tiding up and doing dishes.

How awesome is that 30 seconds when ALL he dishes are done...

How awesome is that 30 seconds when ALL he dishes are done…

3.30: Giving myself half an hour to chill out, have a cup of tea and do some crochet on the blanket I’m making for Snuggle while the little one’s asleep.

Tea and Crochet

3.30pm: Tea and Crochet

4.05: Squishy wakes up.

4.30: Bath time, Squishy first, then Snuggle plays in the bath while I get Squishy dressed and settled.

5.15: Get Squishy comfy in the kitchen in his rocker with some toys and teething rings so I can start on dinner.

Snuggle likes to "do cuttings"

5.15pm:  Snuggle likes to help  “do cuttings”

6pm: Dinner tonight is stir-fried kangaroo, marinated in char-sui sauce, lots of vegies and hokkien noodles. I love stirfrys, quick and easy and Snuggle will eat anything with noodles or pasta.

Kangaroo Stir Fry

Kangaroo Stir Fry with Noodles

6.45: Snuggle sits up on the couch with her milk and I sit with her feeding Squishy and reading a story. Tonight (and every night for the last week) its “Hot, Cross Bunny”

7.30: Both the little ones are asleep! YAY! Tidy up after dinner.

8.30: Relax time, super happy that Offspring is back on.

Offspring time!

8.30pm: Offspring time!

Snuggle up on the couch with Kane and a glass of wine to watch it.

9.30: Soo tired, going to bed.

(Squishy will probably wake me up for a feed sometime after midnight.)

So that was my day, not incredibly exciting, but lots of cuteness and cuddles.

How was your wednesday?

Till next time,

Beck xoxo



Currently I am… (update)

Time for #listmania 15, an update on the first list of currently I am… to see what’s changed in 3 months. So here goes:

Currently  I am:

Reading: haven’t had time to pick up a book for a while, mostly been trying to catch up on the huge backlog of blogs in my reader.

Listening to: my Dad just gave me the new Will.I.Am album and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis albums, I’m only  on my first listen of each one, but liking them so far. (yes, my dad is WAY more into current music than I am! Most of the new stuff I listen to I get because he’s discovered it first.)


Laughing At: my little Squishy. He has the cutest giggle and you just can’t help but laugh with him.

Vintage Love

Vintage Love

Swooning Over: the adorable vintage 70’s dress I picked up on our weekend away in the city. Great vintage find, so cute.

Planning: so many things, most involve getting more organised and ways to survive another winter in the shed without going stir-crazy.

Beef Rogan Josh with home made flat bread

Beef Rogan Josh with home made flat bread

Eating Lots of: homemade flatbread. I never knew how easy it is to make, I found a Jamie Oliver recipe that takes two minutes to make and you cook it in a grill pan or bbq. I’m addicted and making lots of curries and things with nice sauces so I can dip the bread into.

Feeling: A bit overwhelmed at the moment. A baby, a toddler, building a house, living in the shed. I try to stay positive but it gets a bit much sometimes.

Discovering: Spotify. I only downloaded the app a couple of days ago, so I’m just learning to use it but so far it’s pretty cool.

Looking At: Miss Snugglebug, wearing her pyjamas, with a footy beanie, ballerina skirt and fairy wings. And making the hugest mess, there’s toys everywhere but she’s having so much fun that I don’t care. (I tried to get a photo but she won’t keep still long enough!)


Wearing: My new boots that I got for my birthday. So comfy & so pretty, I know I’m going to be living in these over winter.

Cooking: Lots of curries and casseroles, the cooler weather has set in and I’m turing to my favourite comfort foods.

Wondering: how much longer till I can fit into my pre-baby jeans again. I miss my clothes!

Trying Out: Cutting down on caffeine and white sugar. I’m not ready to give either one up, but I want to see if reducing my intake affects my mood at all. (She says while drinking her 4th cup of coffee for the day….oops!)

So, what are y’all currently up to? Feel free to leave a comment or pop by the FB page.

Till next time,

Beck xoxo

p.s. I had a few issues with some of the links on last week’s #listmania: Music. I haven’t worked out how to fix them yet, but I will work it out eventually. (I’m very new to this techy stuff) Thanks to everyone that let me know 🙂


Hi all, been a bit quiet over here lately, somehow I missed last week’s #listmania, I got halfway through writing it, then blinked and somehow the week disappeared, along with the hope of me getting any blogging done. I’ll get around to finishing it one day.

The topic for #listmania14 is music. One of my most favourite things in the world.  

Hmm, where to start?

My taste in music is seriously varied, there’s just so much amazing talent out there, it’s really hard to keep up with it. I listen to everything from folk singer/songwriters, world music, rock, jazz, heavy metal – even gangsta rap! It all depends on my mood.

I’m super stoked to be seeing The Drones again next week, they’re an amazing aussie band. If I had to describe their style in one word it would be… loud. 

Lots of loud guitar and distortion, great for blowing away the cobwebs. (and maybe it helps that I have a little bit of a crush on adorably scruffy lead singer, Gareth Liddiard.) The new album I See Seaweed is one of their best and I also love Gareth’s solo album, Strange Tourist.

(The Drones -I don’t ever want to change ) < check out a clip here <

Also on high rotation at the moment in house (shed) is the new Neil Young album, Psychedelic Pill, I’m not a massive Neil fan but hubby is so this one’s been getting a lot of play since the concert last month and I’m really enjoying it.

Reggae: my feel-good music, instantly gets me in a good mood. Bob Marley, Chaka Demus & the Pliers One of my all-time faves is UB40, they’re one of my Dad’s favourites, so I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid and been lucky enough to see them live a couple of times too. 



60’s & 70’s. I was born a couple of decades too late for Woodstock, but my inner flower child loves a bit of The Doors, Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix. 

I recently ‘discovered’ Johnny Cash, after watching “Walk the Line ” (awesome movie, Joaquinn Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon, if you haven’t seen it, go rent it now!) I never realised how many of his songs I knew/liked till I saw the movie.


Upbeat stuff, something to put on and go mad doing housework or to make a boring car trip go quicker. Nothing like Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Jay-Z or Kanye West for a bit of booty shakin’ and a sing a long.            I love Gwen Stefani, on her own and as part of No Doubt. Probably as much for her fantastic style as for her music.

I really love hip hop and rap too, when I’m in the right mood: Naughty By Nature, Tupac, Notorious Big, Snoop Dogg, Salt’n’Pepa, Eminem, Neneh Cherry. 

This one brings back a lot of memories:  Salt’n’Pepa – Shoop

Also, the classics that inspired some of our favourite artists of today, legends like Muddy Waters, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.


It’s another busy one up here on the mountain this week, still trying to get some windows ready to put in, trying to get into some kind of routine with these kids before we all go crazy, and really looking forward to my birthday on thursday and a kid-free night out on friday to celebrate. A great gig to go to, dinner, and a nice hotel room in the city and maybe some shopping in the city on Saturday morning, all with my adorable hubby. Can’t wait!

Till next week, 

     Beck xoxo


Childhood Favourites

Time for #listmania 12: childhood favorites. It’s been a wonderful stroll down memory lane writing this list.

Favourite Toys:
Barbie, He-Man, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite.
Yep, I’m a real child of the early 80’s! I loved my Barbie dolls the most, I had far too many of them. (Thanks Uncle Steve!) I kept most of them, they’re packed away in boxes somewhere, hopefully Snugglebug will like them when she’s a bit bigger. To balance out the super-girly-ness of Barbie, I loved He-man too. Although, quite often, the two would come together and Barbie would leave Ken at the altar and run away with He-Man to battle evil instead!

Favourite Foods:
My Baba’s cheese strudel and her home-made donuts. Yum, still two of my faves, but the smell of my childhood is definitely Baba’s chicken noodle soup. Not that I liked it all that much, after having to eat it almost every single day for at least 6 years, I finally admitted that I couldn’t stand the stuff! But the smell of it takes me straight back to my grandmas kitchen and I still crave it when I have a cold.

The last photo of 'Lissa and I, taken the day before she died.

The last photo of ‘Lissa and I, taken the day before she died.

Favourite Pet:
As a kid, I had a few pets, mostly cats that ignored me and fish that didn’t live very long. I always wanted a dog but wasn’t allowed to have one at home, so when my Grandparents neighbours dog had puppies, they got one so I could have a dog at their house. Her name was Melissa and she was a funny little thing. I spent endless afternoons playing and talking to her.

Christmas 1989, Uncle Steve & I, with the amazing gingerbread 'santa's workshop'

Christmas 1989, Uncle Steve & I, with the amazing gingerbread ‘santa’s workshop’

Favourite Time of Year:
Christmas!!! I’ve always loved christmas, it was always such a big deal when I was a kid. Being an only child, I was seriously spoiled, not only by my parents but grandparents and uncles too. The highlight of christmas was definitely my uncle’s gingerbread houses. It started out small one christmas and got more and more elaborate every year, till he gave up making them when I was about 13. I always loved seeing what he was going to create for me. I love now that he’s revived this tradition now for Snugglebug. (and next year for Squishy too.)

Favourite Things to Do:
Rollerskating & Riding my bike.
Most days after school, if the weather was ok, I’d be outside doing laps of the garage on my rollerskates or riding my bike around the backyard. Every pair of jeans I owned as a kid was ripped at the knees because I was constantly falling over on my rollerskates, but I still loved it. If I was inside, I had my head buried in a book. My absolute favourites were: Anne of Green Gables, (and the rest of the Avonleigh series) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Trixie Belden books, and all the Enid Blyton books. I’ve got a most of these packed away n a box somewhere, hopefully when the kids are older they’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

I’m really enjoying writing these lists every week and want to say a big thanks to Deb from Home Life Simplified for coming up with all these awesome topics to write about, they’ve been very helpful for getting me off my bloggy butt and actually writing something when I haven’t really been feeling like it lately.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo

Listmania 11: All about books

This weeks #listmania got me thinking. I love books, I love reading, I love getting so involved in a story that I stay up all night till it’s finished.
Should I write about my favourite books? What I’m reading at the moment? Or what’s still on my list “to-read” one day?
A few years ago (pre-children) I set myself the challenge of reading 100 books in a year. I only just made it to a hundred a couple of days before the end of the year.

At the moment I’m reading: Indelible Ink, by Fiona McGregor. About 1/3 of the way through and enjoying it. It’s a good ‘summer-read’. About a middle aged woman, in Sydney, who’s not sure where her life is heading after her divorce and she starts getting tattoos. I picked it up at the library last week because I liked the cover.

One of the best books I’ve read recently was: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.

One of the most disappointing books I’ve read recently was:
50 Shades Of Grey. I mean, it was ok, but after hearing so many people talk about it I thought it must be good, but it just didn’t live up to the hype for me.

My (literary) guilty pleasure is:
Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones, the edge of reason. I bought these in 2003 and read them travelling though Europe. Like the book equivalent of a trashy “chick-flick” but great entertainment and will always remind me of lying on a beach in Croatia, reading and smoking french cigarettes.

A few of my favourites...

A few of my favourites…

Favourite Author:
Stephen King. I have read every book he’s put out. Some are great, some not so much but I love them all. I started reading his books at 12 years old, Skeleton Crew was the first book I borrowed from the “grown-up” part of the library.

Favourite series:
The Dark Tower, Stephen King. Long enough for me to get completely absorbed in. It’s my favourite alternate reality and I tend to re-read them whenever I’m feeling a bit down and in need of escape.

Favourite Bio:
No One Here Gets Out Alive (Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman) (it’s the book they based “The Doors” movie on.) On Writing, Stephen King. (part autobiography, part how-to-write lesson)

Still waiting to be read:
The Comfort of Water by Maya Ward. Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S Thompson. Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young (autobiography)

All Time Favourites:
Feel The Fear (and do it anyway) my favourite “self-help/motivational” type book. I found out about it at a creativity seminar years ago and went and bought the book the next day.
To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee,
On The Road – Jack Kerouac (which I read at 14 after hearing that Kerouac’s writing inspired some of The Doors’s music.)
Kaz Cooke’s Up the Duff and Kidwrangling, books I refer to all the time in the last couple of years for baby/kid advice.

There’s probably a few more that I can’t think of right now, with most of my books packed away. It’ll be like meeting up with old friends when I finally get to unpack them.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo

Listmania 10: A to Z of Now

Yup, it’s that time of the week again, linking up for #listmania10

This weeks topic was to write an A to Z of Now, so here goes:

A is for Anniversary. Hubby and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

B is for my Babies. I have a gorgeous 2yo girl and an 11week old bubby boy. 

C is for Cleaning and Cooking, all the boring stuff that there’s just never enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Nandie's 12th Birthday

Nandie’s 12th Birthday

D is for Dog. Thinking about getting another dog. We have a very spoiled 12yo Hungarian Viszla, who seems a bit lonely since our other dog, Phoebe, died. I’d like to get another dog but I don’t know if I’m ready to put myself through all that again, especially right now with a small baby. Maybe I’ll wait till next year? 

E is for Equality. Something that’s in the news all the time and makes me so mad that we live in such an ‘advanced’ society yet we can still treat people differently due to their sex, religion, skin colour or sexual preference. 

F is for F…., a word that I say far too often. I’m going to have to find an alternative before my little Miss starts repeating it!

G is for Garden. I’m not very good at gardening, plants don’t seem to survive all that long around me, but I’m learning and I find it very soothing to get outside and get my hands dirty.

H is for House/Home. Such a huge focus of our lives right now. It will be a huge relief to get finished just to be able to stop stressing about it.

I is for Indigenous Rights. Another thing in the news that makes me mad. Something that should be common sense but when politics gets involved it becomes something else. Just change the bloody constitution already!

J is for Jammin’, by Bob Marley and the Wailers. The song that’s on my Ipod right now.

Miss Snugglebug with Daddy, in a jumper I knitted her.

Miss Snugglebug with Daddy, in a jumper I knitted her.

K is for Knitting. Something I don’t have time to do anymore. A pity, because it really relaxes me.

L is for Love. “All you need is love…”

M is for Music. I love my music. I really start to go a bit crazy if I go a few days without listening to any.

N is for Night. There’s always so many things I plan to do at night, after the kids are asleep, but by the time that finally happens, I’m usually ready for bed too. 

O is for Outside. Little Miss always wants to go play outside, sometimes I need to just go outside and do what she wants to do, everything else can wait.

P is for Patience. Something I don’t have nearly enough of most days. But I’m trying.

Q is for Quiet. Another thing I don’t have nearly enough of. On the rare occasions that the little ones are both asleep at the same time, I try to grab a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet.

R is for Routines. Something I’m not very good at,especially sticking to a bedtime routine, but it does seem to be good for the kiddies, so I’m trying.

S is for Stress. I stress over everything, the weather, the kids, the house, everything. I need to learn how to just take a deep breath and let go.

T is for Television. I never used to watch hardly any t.v. but lately it seems like it’s always on. (Especially ABC2, the best friend of a toddler’s parents!)

U is for Underwear. There is nothing pretty about maternity/nursing bras. And I refuse to go spend a small fortune on one just because it’s got a bit of lace on it. I can’t wait to go back to regular, pretty bras.

V is for Very Cute. I can always count on my little ones to do something cute to make me smile.

W is for Windows. The rest of the windows for the house should be getting delivered today.

X is for eXercise. Right now, for me, it’s a choice between exercise and sleep. I choose sleep.

Y is for Yes. I feel like I say no to Miss Snugglebug about a million times a day, so I’m trying to find more things I can say yes to.

Z is for zzzz’s. With two little ones, there is a serious lack of sleep around here at the moment.

Ok, that’s it for today. We’ve got a big week coming up this week, going on a 7hr round trip tomorrow to pick up a slab of redgum that’s going to become our kitchen bench, then it’s Easter, and there’s a couple of birthdays coming up too. Hoping to get another blog post up by the end of the week, but I’m not sure if I’ll get time.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo

Listmania 9: Favourite Places

Hooking up with Home Life Simplified again for #listmania.
This weeks prompt was to write about your favourite places around your home.
I found this to be a bit of a challenge because we’re living in the shed while we build and there’s really nothing I like about the shed. So I decided to write about my future favourite places in the new house.

My Library.
This is the mezzanine level above our new lounge room. This is going to be my hideaway. It’s going to have bookshelves for my many, many boxes of books, a cozy armchair to sit and read in and a nice lamp and coffee table. I can’t wait to have my own chill out space and I’ve always wanted to have a home for all my books.

My Wardrobe
I am super excited about this. I have a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos. (Not that I get much opportunity to wear all my pretty heels up here on the mountain!) And I’ve always wanted to have the space to display them properly. My wardrobe is going to be bigger that the bedrooms in some of the houses I’ve lived in. I can’t wait to unpack my clothes, I haven’t seen them for so long it’s going to be like having a whole new wardrobe.

This pile of bricks is one day going to be a huge open fireplace in our lounge room.
Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in front of a crackling fire with a nice glass of wine when the kids are asleep…?


After 3+ years of a combined bathroom/laundry/toilet with a teeny tiny shower and no privacy, I absolutely can’t wait to have a proper bathroom, with a lock on the door!
As soon as I’m finished unpacking the first thing I’m going to do is have a long, hot bubble bath.

The View.
This is the view from our bedroom upstairs. There’s going to be a little balcony to sit and watch the sun set behind those trees and when it’s dark you can see the city lights
twinkling in the distance.


This pile of rubble is one day going to be a nice outdoor entertaining area. I can’t wait to be having friends over for a bbq here. It’s so hard to have people over when everything’s so cramped and crowded here in the shed.

All of this seems like an impossible amount of luxury, but I see it as my reward for spending the last 3+ years living in a shed. When we finally move into the house it’s going to feel like a palace! This is what I try to focus on when I get frustrated at living in the shed.

Well, I’d better go and do some work now or it’ll never get finished,
Till next time,
Beck xoxo