blank pages….

What is it about a brand new, blank calendar or diary?

It’s one of my favourite things, every christmas I treat myself to a pretty new diary and calendar and some new pens to go with it, it’s become a bit of a tradition for me.

I go through this year’s diary, reminiscing over all the important dates in our lives; birthdays, anniversaries, things to remember and carefully transferring them over to the new diary and calendar. Reminding myself of everything that’s happened over the last 12months.

The empty pages feel full of so much promise, they’re blank, these days haven’t happened yet, anything could happen.

We could go anywhere, do anything…a new year feels like a new start. 

In reality, I know most of them will be filled with shopping lists and doctor’s visits, errands to run, things to do…you know, all the boring stuff, day to day life.

But I remind myself, they will also be filled with so many firsts.

Carter’s first birthday, Scout’s 3rd, first steps, new friendships, so many new adventures for Polly, so many firsts with the new house; first meal in the new kitchen, the kid’s first night in their new bedrooms, our first night in our own bedroom away from the kids, first fire in the new fireplace, first time we invite people over to visit, first christmas….

I think I know 2014 is going to be an amazing year. Because I’m going to make sure of it 😉


Am I the only weird one who gets all excited over a new diary?



It’s Christmas time.

I admit it, I’m one of those people. I love Christmas.

The pretty lights, wrapping presents, parties, decorating the tree, christmas shopping and all the rest of the craziness that comes with this time of year. The smell of gingerbread baking, the sound of Christmas carols drifting from every shop you walk past, knowing that Santa is on his way. I love it all.

I know we all tut-tut about the amount of waste and the blatant commercialism of it all and way too many presents, and it’s true but it’s only once a year, and we don’t need to go completely overboard to have a great day.

Since having Snugglebug it’s made this time of year even more special and fun. (Even though I do cringe a bit when I see how many presents she gets!) I love the excitement, seeing her eyes light up when she sees the tree all lit up and sparkly, dancing around to christmas carols, the look on her face at the first taste of gingerbread or candy cane and of course the squeals of excitement as she carefully peels the paper off a present.


I really love the traditions of Christmas, putting up the tree, baking, going to see the houses all decorated. I’m really excited to be able to start our own traditions now for our little family, starting  with decorating the tree together, counting down the days and making decorations with Snugglebug. I can’t wait till she gets bigger and can help with baking Christmas treats and making gifts for people. (This year she’s my chief cookie taster, at this rate I’m not sure there’ll be many left for Christmas day.) I’ve even got my eye on an “elf on a shelf” for next year after seeing all the awesome ideas on pinterest.

Speaking of next year, I’m already looking forward to next Christmas, it’ll be our first Christmas in the new house and the new baby’s first Christmas too. I’m pretty sure I’ll go completely over the top decorating and cooking to try to create a perfect traditional Christmas. It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper Christmas tree or unpacked all my decorations, I can’t wait, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without them. This year I even had to go buy a mini tree because it just didn’t feel right not having one at all.

So, ho-ho-ho everyone, hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and that Santa spoils you all.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Till next time

Beck xxx