List 7: Learning.

Linking up with Deb from Home Life Simplified again for this weeks #listmania. This weeks challenge was to write about what I’d like to learn.

In the last few years I’ve learnt a lot of new things.
I’ve learnt how to: build walls, live off grid, raise baby goats, plant trees, start a vegie garden, use my computer for more than just iTunes, start a blog.

There’s also lots of things I’m still learning: to be more patient, to be a mum, to accept that things just happen.

Now, things I’d like to learn:

– To play guitar. Let’s not let my complete lack of rhythm and musical talent get in the way of my rock star aspirations. Hopefully one day I will find the time to learn.

– Crochet. I’m actually half way through this one. I’ve taught myself the basics of crochet, but now I’d like to learn to follow a pattern. I love the look of old-fashioned, flowery, lacey type crochet and I’d love to be able to make doilies and bedspreads and things.


– To ride a motorbike.
I’m determined to do this one day. I’ve always loved bikes would love to have my own one day. A friend and I even booked in to get our learners permits, we had one lesson, but we needed a few more and never got around to going back. Maybe when I turn forty I can have a mid-life crisis and get a motorbike.

– Sewing.
I’ve always wished I could see. I bought a sewing machine, spent a week trying to work out how to thread it, gave up and put it back in the box, where it’s been for the last five years! Definitely on the to-do list when the house is finished and I have a bit of free time.

– To schedule some “me-time”.
Since having Squishy, I have found it absolutely impossible to find any time to myself. I’ve been flat-out busy with the kids and keeping everyone clean and fed and any free time I have is spent on the building site. I really need to find a way to schedule some ” time- out” for me a few times a week, to do a work out or catch up on stuff I need to do a bit, or even just to have a shower and wash my hair in peace!

Ok, well, that’s it from me today,
Till next time,
Beck xoxo

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Motorcycle pic via


2 thoughts on “List 7: Learning.

  1. I love the balance between “sweet” things like sewing and crochet and imagined rock star stuff like guitar playing and motorbike riding!! fun! – deb xx


  2. Yeah I agree with Deb- I thought it’s great that you have such a range of things you want to learn – things that you wouldn’t normally think go together!


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