List 6: All about blogs

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Linking up with Deb from Home Life Simplified for #listmania. This weeks prompt was about blogs. 5 blogs you love and 5 blogs you have just discovered.

I really love blogs and can never find the time to keep up to date with all my favourites, let alone all the new ones I’m sure I’m going to find after this week’s post. Most of my favourite blogs are parenting/kid related, I guess that’s because that’s where my life is at right now. (I find fashion blogs far too depressing when you can hardly find the time to get out of your pj’s, nver mind trying to co-ordinate a whole outfit!)

There’s something really comforting about having a really crappy day with the kids and feeling really frazzled and switching on the computer to find that someone else has written a post about their kids drawing all over the walls or shaving the dog, and you can think “at least it wasn’t my kid this time!” (Just for the record, Snuggle hasn’t done either of those things – yet. But she does like to draw on the dog.)

So, here are 5 of my faves:

1. The Hesitant Housewife.
A refreshingly open and honest blog about life’s ups and downs. Sometimes I just really want to give her a big hug.
The Hesitant Housewife

2. Common Chaos Chronicle.
A slice of everyday life in a family wth 5 kids. Lots of laughter, tears and chaos. Reminds me that I have it easy with only two to chase after.
Common Chaos Chronicle

3. The Organised Housewife.
Has some wonderful ideas for de-cluttering and getting organised. I aspire to one day be a quarter as organised as she is.
The Organised Housewife

4. Where’s My Glow.
Life, parenting, pregnancy. Always entertaining.
Where’s My Glow

5. Frugal and Thriving.
Lots of useful advice on ways to save money around the home by making things yourself and some great recipes too.
Frugal and Thriving

5 Blogs I have Recently discovered:

1. An Inspirational Journey.
Really interesting and inspiring. I also love the “favourite part of your day” post on her facebook page every day.
An Inspirational Journey

2. Reservoir Dad.
Lots of laughs from this stay at home dad, as well as some great interviews and stories.
Reservoir Dad

3.Knocked Up and Abroad.
An awesome ‘mummy-blog’. Always entertaining, only found her about a month ago but she’s one of my new favourites.
Knocked Up and Abroad

4. Jolene’s Mumbo Jumbo.
Always funny, has some great stories to tell and links to some cool give-aways too.
Jolene’s Mumbo Jumbo

5. Play at Home Mom.
Has some wonderful ideas of things to do with young kids to engage them and encourage creative play.
Play at Home Mom

So, that’s it for today, hope you get a moment to stop by and check out some of these guys.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo

20130225-213523.jpg Here’s a cute baby pic, just because I felt like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “List 6: All about blogs

  1. Aww, such a gorgeous baby pic. Makes me miss when my Mr 4 was that small ❤ I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to give Jane at the Hesitant Housewife a hug – she writes so openly and honestly and I've shed a tear or two at times over her posts. Thanks for the pointers to so many other great "Mummy" blogs (and the Daddy one too). Take care xx


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