List 5: A Day In The Life

So, this is #listmania 5, this weeks challenge was to take photos to document your day.
(In case anyone noticed, I skipped last weeks list – sorry, had a really hectic week.)

I have to say my life isn’t all that exciting or glamourous at the moment, I spent most of my day looking after my baby boy and chasing after our toddler. I’m not going to do the photos every hour because I don’t want to bore you all with a dozen baby photos or pictures of the dishes in my sink. So I’ll just do a few snapshots of my day today.

Squishy Snuggles

Squishy Snuggles

5.30 am: Squishy wakes up and wants a feed. This is probably my favourite time of day to feed him, because we’re both half asleep and instead of putting him back in his bassinette afterward, I like to snuggle up and have sleepy baby cuddles till it’s time to get up.

Playdoh tea party

Playdoh tea party

10 am: I’m really making an effort to do some fun stuff with Snugglebug when I have any spare time at all. I feel so bad that nearly all my time is taken up with Squishy baby and I’m constantly asking her to wait and ‘hang on a minute.’ Her favourite thing at the moment is definitely play-doh. Today we made play-doh food and had a tea party.

Screamy & Squishy

Screamy & Squishy

1 pm: Trying to get Squishy to have a nap. He really doesn’t like this hot weather we’ve been having here this week. He has such a loud cry for such a tiny little person. Snuggle was never this loud and hardly ever cried so it’s taking a bit of getting used to. He’ll happily fall asleep on me but as soon as I try to put him down to sleep he wakes up and screams. It ended up taking about 2 hours of rocking, cuddling and walking around with him before he finally gave in and went to sleep.

Exciting day, huh?
There was also a heap of dishes to do, washing to do, washing to put away, and about a million toys to trip over and put away but I didn’t think you’d all want pictures of all those!

Anyway, that’s it for today.

Till next time,
Beck xoxo


10 thoughts on “List 5: A Day In The Life

    • Thanks Kate. Much cooler here today, makes for a much happier baby. It’s amazing how fast the weeks are flying by, I almost can’t believe he’s 6 weeks old already. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home.


  1. just look at those baby photos!! i for one would have loved to see your whole day but with a little bubba i will let you off the hook ; ) might not be exciting (most of my days are just me, the computer, maybe a dvr’d show during lunch) but it is so fun just capturing it all for the record xxx glad to have you back this week -deb xx


  2. Oh I can totally relate to a baby who won’t sleep unless on a parent. Our daughter slept on her father’s chest every night for the first 12 weeks. Not exactly in the great parents handbook but it did mean we all got a little bit of rest.


    • My husband used to be the only one who could get our daughter to sleep, which was great cos i got to have a rest, but this little one will only sleep for me. At least I get cute baby cuddles while he’s sleeping 🙂


  3. Squishy & Snugglebug are gorgeous! I know how hard it is to get anything done in a day – I’m at home with 3 year old twins & a 9 month old who, like Squishy, doesn’t like to sleep by herself. She’s in my bed right now & has only had 3 nights of her short life in her own cot. I have to admit I like it! My twinnies always hear me say ‘soon’, ‘just wait’ & ‘I just need to do this for the baby’, etc all the time. You just do what you can with what you’ve got!

    You’ve got a great blog xx


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