List 2: the current season

This weeks link-up with is 5 Things I am loving about the current season, and 5 things I could live without.
The season here in Melbourne now is summer, and I am loving it, so lets go.

5 Things I am loving about Summer:

1. Hot Weather. This is the first summer for ages that we’ve actually had proper hot summer weather. Yay! I would much rather hot weather than cold and I love summer clothes so much more than winter woollies.

2. The Beach. I love spending time down at the beach. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re going to have time to get there this summer with the build at such a critical stage it’s really hard to find some spare time when there’s nice weather. Hopefully next summer.

3. The River. Spending a stinking hot day sitting in the shade by the Yarra, dangling your feet in the water and enjoying a cold beer or 2. Bliss. We used to do this so much more, we’ve only had time to go once this summer.

4. Cold Beer. enough said.

5. My kiddies birthdays, one on 7 th January and one on 24th January. Looking forward to them both being older and having great weather for outdoor birthday parties.

One of my favourite childhood summer memories. 
Fishing with my grandpa.

One of my favourite childhood summer memories.
Fishing with my grandpa.

and now for the negatives….

5 Things about summer that I could live without:

1. Fires. Ever since Black Saturday most people up here in the Yarra Valley are super vigilant about bushfires and being a proper hot summer this year, there had already been plenty of fires in Victoria. Every time we get a hot windy day, I spent most of it glued to the CFA website…

2. FLies. The bane of every Aussie BBQ. This summer we seem to have millions of flies. Super annoying buzzing things, why do we need them?

3. Mosquitos. Just as annoying as flies only they bite. Especially annoying is the one that sneaks into the bedroom and buzzes in your ear when you’re trying to go to sleep.

4. Storms. Hot weather bring thunderstorms, which I am terrified of. Don’t know why, always have been, probably always will be.

5. …..the end of summer? I hate it when the weather turns cold again.


7 thoughts on “List 2: the current season

  1. omg your description of river life sounds fabulous!! wish we could do that by the brisbane river but that’s not really how it goes….

    terrible about the bushfires : (

    deb xx


  2. Ooh I forgot about the Mozzies.. probably because they haven’t been too bad up here this year. But yes, there’s always one that sneaks into the bedroom and evades being squished!

    Too many fires & floods this year – you’d think they’d cancel each other out!


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