Currently I am:

I am a list-writer. In fact, if I spent as much time actually doing stuff as I do making lists of stuff I have to do, then I wouldn’t have such a big list of stuff to do! (Well, that’s what my husband says anyway!)
So when I saw this linky from Home Life Simplified, I knew I had to join up.

So here it is, list 1,

Currently I am….

Reading: The Little Mermaid, over and over and over, but at least it’s a guaranteed way to get Snugglebug down for a nap.

Listening to: Pandora Mink (possibly one of the cutest songs ever) by Sherry Rich.

Laughing at: the antics of Snugglbug.


Swooning over: my new little man, I melt at every gurgle and coo.

My Little Squishy

My Little Squishy

Planning: what to do for Snuggle’s 2nd birthday this week.

Eating lots of: chocolate, and everything else in sight, breastfeeding is making me absolutely ravenous!

Feeling: not as bad as could be expected with very little sleep the last 2 weeks.

Discovering: that it’s a lot harder to leave the house with two kids than it is with one.

Looking at: (right now and most of the time) my iPhone. I think I’m addicted to it.

Wearing: honestly??? My nightie! (And yes, it’s lunchtime, but it is a really cute Peter Alexander one with Barbie dolls on it!)

Cooking: as little as possible. Would love to get back to my usual love of cooking but really don’t have the time or energy at the moment.

Wondering: how much longer I have to live in this shed!

Trying out: this, my first blog linky.


11 thoughts on “Currently I am:

  1. Hello! Found you via Listmania. I think we are at similar stages…I have a 2 and a bit year old and an 8 week old. Leaving the house is a LOT harder with 2, I have only recently got brave enough to venture out alone with both my girls. Partly because I had a caesar so physically unable to lift the double buggy etc for a while. But also because I was just not brave enough 🙂


    • Hi Pam, yeah, my nearly 2 loves to run off everytime I let her walk when we’re out and my little one’s 2 weeks old today, there’s no way I’m going anywhere on my own with both of them. Lucky hubby’s working at home so he can help out a bit.


  2. Thanks for joining in – love meeting new bloggers today! How cute is your little guy – adorable! I remember that new to 2 feeling of getting everything ready and out the door etc – bit of a learning curve right!


  3. Sounds like lots of work there.

    Good point about leaving the house with multiple kids and the difficulty. We were lucky though as our older son has been a great help in rounding up the twins during our excursions.


  4. Congratulations on your new addition! It was lovely to have found you via Listmania – well done too on joining in with your first blog linky. I know it took me a long time to muster up the courage to join in with one! Hope you don’t have to live in your shed for much longer….


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