The Story Begins….

Let’s go right back to the start of this story.

Way back in 2008, I met the man of my dreams, a really sweet, kind “country boy” named Kane.
At the time I was a colourist in a busy Beaumaris hair salon, with a serious love of shoe-shopping. Within a few months I’d left my job and moved up the Yarra Valley to be with him.

It was a pretty big change being an hour away from my old job and friends and most major shops and services apart from the local Safeway and shops, having iffy mobile phone and internet coverage and being 2hours drive away from my family, but I got used to it and we were happy.

Things were going really well, we moved in together, we got engaged, I got a puppy and started a vegie patch. It was a much quieter, simpler life but I was really enjoying it.

My little fluffy Phoebe

We started talking about buying a bigger block of land, somewhere with a few acres for our dogs to run around, maybe get a horse or something. After looking around for a while, we found this property.

Up a mountain.

No water, no power, no phone.

Just 50 acres of bush with a big cleared bit in the middle and a shed.

I could see Kane getting more and more excited about the idea of being completely self-sufficient. Somehow I found myself getting caught up in his enthusiasm and agreeing that we should sell our cute little 3br weatherboard house and use the money to buy this land. Hopefully there’d be enough left in our savings to build (at least part of) a house.

On the day we bought the land.                                                The start of our big adventure….

Till next time,

Beck xxx


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